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The Otique Aqua Hotel (Yintelagen Pubu Jiudian) greets visitors with a face of cascading waters. Once through the glass tunnel serving as threshold through the large artificial waterfall that is the hotel's public face, guests find themselves in the lobby.

This Shenzhen hotel has a modern banquet hall with one round drop stage.[View Detail]
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  • angelsasa
    Overall good hotel, beautiful surroundings, good service and facilities. room air conditioner is d major, noisy, there is, from the lobby or a parking lot to the room you want to go lift, not very convenient!
  • clyecao
    We two a road crazy go wrong to has only pour back, up hotel of that slope go of is tired, but! Hotel good Rod Rod ~\ ^ _ ^/~ good senior Oh, like it of design! I set of is package 588 contains two a people of tickets! Super deal does! didn't eat breakfast, sleep to ten points! since a with has many eat of to! second days to play has! note to with anti-mosquito water! I forget with to at has has 10 a package's!
  • jenny19810430
    With most friends as. first said advantages, is acts a fresh, staying CI convenient. say shortcomings, maximum problem is facilities, is long has, bathtub shaped with device, room only highlights is bathroom regional area big. but actual feel no 120 square, unless is Shang garage that layer of area. room door actually has two a, a garage, a take meal, lock let people wood has security, also than with has chain that locked is, maximum of not security is garage door notDrop in the end, I think probably have London-based staff cm clearance, hotel in order to guarantee the safety of Che Zhen. lamp switch on the phone, control design is not reasonable. remote-controlled telephones and dirty, I didn't finish time can't seem to wash his hands. generally. no more
  • junajing
    Environment can be, just don't like the hotel design pattern, breakfast room is too small, crowded markets, the overall feeling
  • anna360
    Good location. Nice place for a short break. The hotel location is just within the park. Good variety for breakfast, taste was very good. English communication can be improved as it was difficult to communicate with some staff.
  • ana_sm
    Sanitation, son loves
  • alancui
    Room, vision is not good, corridor with a strong taste
  • mailxiaodan
    Ocean flavor, very romantic, is to go a little further away, things friends can wait down small buses, how friends can walk, especially for friends in Oct
  • celin890103
    Feelings are good, simply quilt is too thick, too hot on the cover ... forget to take indoor pictures, two photos in the lobby.
  • Auburn
    Front desk staff not very good
  • janetcai
    Hotel too old, a musty room, bed room is too small!
  • lf880713
    Booked room, reasonable price, room was very comfortable, hotel has convenient Knight valley entrance, walk left a cell phone charger forget to pick, was sent home by the hotel, service very good, recommended
  • ignatins
    To upgrade to the black forest. the room, around the United States, from the scenic area near. check-in simply the most slow. mess a March breakfast of yogurt, came late only to wait.
  • e02125814
    It's OK
  • Anitine-tt
    A very good environment, convenient to Knight Valley
  • Carol0921
    Quite satisfied
  • clear
    Rooms are very small, especially the bathroom, prices are very expensive.
  • yrf33
    On weekdays, not many people, it is quite satisfactory in every way, price is also OK. is bathroom only a shower, give the kids a bath is not convenient. There are children less than 1.2 metres, charges 50 Yuan for breakfast, it is also very common to eat, feels too expensive is too expensive.
  • viperbite
    Early check in, agreed to live within the Park room, convenient for garden during the day, it is a bit noisy, no one inside the Park in the evening dark and scary. room facilities good, but not as theme rooms have distinctive features.
  • bluefrog
    Main is the location, the hotel is close to the scenic area. to book the room with breakfast, two-night, two-Valley tickets. early dinner can, the price seems a bit expensive. hotel through Knight Valley channel, very convenient, took the tickets can easily access great attractions within two days after, two days and one night to play very well.
  • bar512
    Selection during the summer holidays to play with too many people in General can go next time will be in
  • xuweiguocn
  • bjweiliu
    Overall, too many people during the summer holidays, room was a little bit old, needs to be improved
  • ybxccard
    Hotel is OK, go to the Grand Canyon trip more convenient!
  • mayglass
    Hotel is rather old and an unpleasant smell down also were not worth the price of more than 1000 500
  • grace_gu2000
    In the OCT is a five-star hotel? I bring old and young together to play, came back at night but find it difficult to give the kids a bath, not human at all, no bathtub, shower no way down, turn on the tap is drenched from head to toe. it's exasperating. room there is a smell, not, anyway, feeling a bit stuffy!
  • lilynancy
    Summer travel, too many people have too much, staying for a long time, the weather is hot, fun waiting in line for a long time, a lot of facilities not open, opened need not included. a disappointing trip.
  • pengs282
    Hotel Guide is not clear, driving the wrong way, but not many people staying at the hotel front desk said there was no room must be available after the three-point, a bit difficult to understand.
  • liangrongrong
    Front desk attitude poor bed room there are some curly hair so gross the room hard to find lift little poor breakfast well not anymore
  • DL Thanh son
    Nice hotel, very well located
  • domeafavor
    Hotel corridors a little taste, rooms are clean, but you can also see some years. weekend break is not bad. overall satisfaction.
  • bluerain395
    Very romantic and comfortable hotel décor and color, beautiful surroundings, good service
  • adao506
    Without booking theme rooms, and a little small, but well appointed, and thoughtful service, holiday booking too late, have only themselves to blame. is going to lift a little, there was a BAR downstairs, it's kind of fun, overall satisfaction!
  • E02262439
    Overall good, is a bit poor hotel facilities!
  • rgregff
    Because of earlier, so the arrangements in the area of the room, the area is so big and the bed comfortable, bathrobes, scales, safety deposit boxes, air conditioning, breakfast delicious, something much better, the next time you play absolutely live this
  • jonasryang
    Very good hotel, great sense of design, all-plastic room walls
  • mymcmymc520
    That's no problem
  • dllily888
    Unfortunately too much time before to play, also good breakfast
  • a321828
    Environment is very beautiful Oh-key is very convenient, is the area of the roof. Unfortunately, it rained and have good fun
  • e05270010
    Musty heavy furniture has a musty. health. Services can also be. in Oct. location is good.
  • pploveww
    Visit hotel convenience! is the internal layout is a mess! looked for a long time to find the room
  • df2110
    Located right in front of the errant Valley, play easy. directly from the five-story out to a child's paradise, kids very happy. White-oriented design, very stylish. breakfast, scenic area can have such a quality breakfast is nice
  • luffy0415
    Location is convenient, direct access to Knight Valley
  • jy8035
    Good for parents
  • jessica388
    Location is near the scenic and Grand Mesa, to da Mei Sha for dinner and a walk in the evening, more convenient. Hotel design is very special, children will like, surroundings very well.
  • amy0201
    For friends booking, minimum stay 2 nights price comparison will be
  • e00059135
    Judging from the feedback information, room is very general, scenic area on the edge of a little expensive
  • angrybird
    Made of 1200 was a robbery at the hotel, but no way, who is in the area of it, hey. next election, would rather alone than at or near the scenic spot, is situated, the superior value up more than more than 200 die in other places.
  • allancao
    Hanting the level of facilities and services, your super star price! a rip-off!
  • dtwyou
    Good and the rooms were complete, the rooms are large, mostly automatic equipment of the room, overall good.